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About us

About us
1. Viet Nam_The potential exporter of vegetables and fruits
  • The production of vegetables and fruits is also a significant part of Vietnamese agriculture. Vietnam has a variety of ideal conditions for vegetable and fruit cultivation, including a climate and soil that are suitable for tropic, subtropical, and temperate vegetables and fruits.
  • In recent years, Vietnamese vegetable and fruit production has made great improvement in terms of volume and product structure. Thanks to the sector's use of innovative growth techniques, etc., a variety of high-quality unique vegetables and fruits have been produced, resulting in a high output.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits planted in Vietnam are very diverse.
    • Vegetables: Vietnam's environment, which is moist tropical, temperate, and subtropical, provides numerous good circumstances for fresh vegetable cultivation all year. Vietnam grows around 30 different types of veggies (cabbage, carrot,…)
    • Fruits: Vietnam has a humid tropical, temperate, and subtropical climate. Thanks to the diverse ecosystem, there are more than 30 distinct species of fruit trees in Vietnam, with 27 of them having economic value and being produced on a large geographical area such as litchi, lime, durian, mango,…
2. The strengths of company
  • Starting business in 2015, we have already had 7-year experience doing Agricultural Products Business.
  • The network of suppliers and qualified factories for packaging and manufacturing is spread throughout Vietnam. Besides, we have signed the Product Offtake Contract with farm owners and co-operatives to ensure a sustainable source of best-quality vegetables and fruits (Global Gap/Organic standards) for our business.
  • We have an enthusiastic and professional customer service staff that is always available to serve customers 24/7.
  • Our company has a clear process of claims adjusting, ensuring maximum benefits for customers. Furthermore, we closely monitor the preservation process to guarantee that the product's quality commitment is fulfilled.


C & C International Food JSC., specializes in trading and exporting vegetables and fruits (fresh or dried) to domestic and international markets. With top-quality products, stable supply, and a professional attitude and working style, we assume responsibility for giving our customers or partners the best service.