How to distinguish Ri6 durian and Monthong durian (Dona durian)

Posted on: 18/07/2022
How to distinguish Ri6 durian and Monthong durian (Dona durian)

The demand for durian in many countries continues to skyrocket is a great export opportunity for Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam. Two varieties of durian commonly grown in Vietnam are Ri6 durian and Monthong durian.

These two durian kinds are the most often purchased in the Vietnamese fruit market. They all share characteristics like tiny seeds, thick, golden pulp, and attractive fragrances. To be able to select the appropriate durian for your needs, you should be able to tell these two varieties apart.

  1. Growing area

    Origin: from Thailand

    First successfully planted in Vinh Long and then spread out to other provinces (Cai Mon, Ben Tre)

    Origin: from Campuchia

    Mostly planted in Mekong River Delta and the Southeast of Vietnam

  2. Appearance

    Ovoid shape (big top and taper to the bottom)

    Small, thick and sharp spikes

    The flesh segments are distinguished by the line between the segments

    Yellow green shell

    Thin shell

    Round or Rhombus shape

    Large and sparse spikes, big flesh segments

    Fresh green shell (sometimes brownish).

    Thick shell

  3. Flavor

    Thick rice, the percentage of fruit pulp is up to 40%

    The fruit flesh is dry and doesn’t stick to hands

    Lighter aroma and very fatty sweet taste

    Strong aroma

    Thick yellow rice

    Strong sweet taste but a moderate fatty flavor

  4. Flesh color

    Light yellow pulps and milder aroma

    Suitable for export, as foreigners aren’t used to the strong durian scent

    Deeper yellow pulp and strong aroma

    Popular in the domestic market

    Most Vietnamese people love the rich flavor of durian more, so Ri6 is often used for dessert. And Thai durian with thick rice, whose sweet taste is often used to make cakes, ice cream, or tea to add rich sweetness to the dish.

    For those who adore this fruit, the aroma of the fruit and the golden, luscious durian segments make it impossible to resist. With the information provided above, you should now be able to pick a kind that you enjoy and that serves each of your needs. What are you waiting for without buying a durian to entertain the whole family?

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